our vision

Shutter and Lace are a small creative photography team based in Brisbane, Australia, but travel all over this wide land of ours and beyond!


We have photographed more than enough weddings to know that your wedding day can be a roller coaster of emotions. the giddiness during your preparation, the nervousness as you both await the aisle, the laughter as one of you drops a ring, and the tipsiness as you are led into your first dance. As photographers, we aim to capture these precious moments in an unobtrusive, calm and approachable style. We believe the most beautiful of images are created using natural light and a relaxed and loved up couple.


We wholeheartedly believe in finding a photographer who is a perfect fit. Sharing a similar taste and style is key to gaining images that you will fall in love with every time you see them. If you feel that staying true to your personal style is an important part of your wedding, enjoy locations with gorgeous vistas and textures, prefer close and intimate time with family and friends and also adore the beauty of imperfection, then we would LOVE to meet you!