things of stone and wood

As a team we are constantly looking at ways to reduce the way our business impacts on the environment….overall we do pretty well….we have an almost paperless office and already have an eco-friendly album and packaging line. However, when we came across these gorgeous stone and recycled timber prints, we just knew that we had to embrace them and find them new homes amongst our client’s living spaces.

Here’s a couple of reasons why we fell in love with these prints….and reasons you will too:

1. The frames are made from 50+ year old suburban fences that have been replaced due to retirement. They have glorious character and are absolutely imperfect….all the more reasons to love!

2. Once the frame is built and the stone is set, repurposed polystyrene is used as backing and packaging to ensure they get to you safe and sound.

3. These babies are ready to hang or self support if you want to place them on a shelf!

To find out more about our prints of stone and wood, or to order one from a past or future wedding…email us with your details.

Lil x

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